Red King

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Book Introductions:

Welcome, friend. Come in. Sit down, sprawl, flop.
(Unless still fumbling me in the bookshop.)
Cup of tea? Kitcat? Something stronger? Fine.
Comfort's the thing. Take a sip. Recline.
For I am not a comfortable read. By most yardsticks
I cannot sell. In Britain, anything on Politics
Gets quickly pulped to make room for the twenty-sixth
Biography of Eustace Mimsy-Splodge
The Bloomsbury potter who knew Blodge
Who lived with someone dull but sex-obsessed
Who met, however briefly, Vita Sackville-West;
I'll be done for by Confessions (Rita Chevrolet)
And travel yarns - A Vicar's Girl in Hudson Bay
Or the collected cheque-book stubs of Archer, J.
The stone-faced man from W. H. Smith
Will say: "We need more space for Urban Myths"
And then I'll be no more. But until I'm nixed
I am the story of our modern politics, 
Told by a 'pundit' - (which means his special vice is
Pestering folk with his advices).
Walt Lippmann, the grand-dad of pundits, said 
More newspapermen had been ruin-ed
By self-importance than by booze
And this author, as you'll shortly see,
Gets through his day on nips of neat pomposity.
Forgive him. If you can't, fling me aloft -
But aim me, please, at something soft.

A Word from the Book, Ruling Britannia, Andrew Marr.